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This is something that has been ‘just around the corner’ as Chris Jones, the creator of iPAS would say, for the last 8 months!

Many thousands of Internet Marketers have been drooling over this for a long, long time, and it works. iPAS. the original version, has proven that.

The difference with iPAS2 is that ANYONE who has the slightest interest in making money from the Internet can sign up and get started. Unlike myself and all the other marketers that have had the privilege of becoming a Founding Member of iPAS2, new people will miss out on some of the free products we got pre-launch.

The previous version of iPAS was designed to help a specific team of people within Empower Network build their teams. If you signed up to Empower Network and you were in a different leader’s team, you would only have access to their team training and site. Now with iPAS2 anyone can sign up – even people who are not in Empower Network – but if someone does decide to join Empower later, iPAS2 does an absolute amazing job of upselling their EN products for them, making them even more money.

iPAS2 has it’s own suite of products which pay out either 50% or 70% commissions depending on the level you want to take your business to. iPAS2 call the Empower Network products Profit Maximizers as they give iPAS2 members a chance to make even more sales and therefore more commissions. The Empower Network products themselves range from an excellent blogging system, personal development and motivational audio files, which are superb and training on building and marketing a business, to name just a few. They are incredible products that are worth owning.



All-In-One & Hands Free – If you want it to be..


The iPAS2 team describe their system as hi-tec and hi-touch.  

The developers have worked really hard on iPAS2, and have came up with some really cool features and built in tools. They have tried to make this as hi-tech as possible, from tracking stats that suits everyone’s tastes, to an Internet Marketing calculator that will tell you how much traffic you need to achieve an income goal based on your conversions.

iPAS2 Success FormulaThe Hi-touch side is the fact that there is a chat function a bit like the chat feature on Facebook. You can send instant messages to your downline and your sponsor. Everything is driven by videos and great graphics. It looks very professionally built. The best Hi-touch feature, which makes iPAS2 virtually Hand Free is the option to pay for a Business Coach to contact your new members on your behalf. Their job is to guide your new members and upsell them. Currently, this costs $97 a month, but if they’re successful, and statistics show that people are 10 times more likely to upgrade, you could be netting very large commissions each month.

Those who join iPAS2 will also need to open a GetResponse account. This is because as leads opt in, iPAS will add them via the API connection with the members GetResponse account. GetResponse was chosen as it works best with external systems via the API connection. This is of course and additional expense for new members if they don’t already have a GetResponse account.

The Benefits of iPAS2

iPAS2 is a great system for both seasoned Internet Marketers and those just starting off.

  • The landing pages are done for you, and conversion adjustments are made behind the scenes so you don’t have to.
  • When you put your promo links out there, simply add a tracking code at the end of the link and you can see where the opt-ins and sales are coming from.
  • The video do all the ‘selling and telling’ for you.
  • The Business Coaches will contact your new members on your behalf
  • The earning potential is high
  • There’s new training and content being added all the time by leaders in the community.
  • The community feeling make you feel like logging in often, which is good for retention.

Some of the setbacks, especially for someone brand new to Internet Marketing can:

  • The expenses of getting started – but that’s explained within iPAS2 – “these are the costs of doing business online. There’s another side to the coin… income!”
  • Learning free traffic methods, or paying for traffic – all this is dealt with within iPAS2.
  • Paying for, setting up and becoming familiar with GetResponse.

Having said that, any new member won’t feel like they are on their own! With the chat function, their sponsor is a click of a mouse away. Most teams have Facebook Groups when new members can come and feel a part of the team. iPAS2 also has it’s own Facebook Group an the testimonials of success are flying in!

There’s so much more going on within iPAS2. The owner and coaches are incredible, and do a fantastic job. The community spirit is great and industry leaders are providing extra training, motivation and inspiration.

iPAS2 Black Card

black card club

The ultimate is to become an iPAS2 Black Card Member, and to get all your team to do the same. This offers the highest chance to make the most money and for you team to do the same.  Being an iPAS Black Member has extra benefits too, especially if you attend the events that are put on every 6 months a various locations across the US.



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